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Chiropractic CARE

It's our mission to motivate and inspire people to live life to its fullest potential. No matter what stage of healing you're in, we strive to locate and correct the root cause of what's kept you from fully expressing health and vitality.  

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45 minutes includes medical history review, physical exam, adjustment, and care plan.

$100 Adults

$75_Children under 18


20 minute follow-up visits include individualized chiropractic treatment and related soft-tissue therapies.


$40_Children (under 18)

Please Note: Our office does not accept insurance.


Supporting your health can be expensive! We’d like to make regular care attainable:


_$160 for 4 visits ($40/visit) 


_$140 for 4 visits ($35/visit) for a child

under 18 yo.

Wellness membership visits expire 90 days from purchase 


We love to serve your entire family! If 2 or more family members are under our care, take advantage of our family membership:

_$140 per family member for 4 visits each ($35/visit)

_$120 per child family member for 4 visits each ($30/visit)

Family membership visits expire 90 days from purchase

punch card

_$270 for 6 visits ($45/visit)

_$210 for 6 visits ($35/visit) (kids)

Punchcards expire 9-months after purchase.

a holistic wellness destination

Melissa Family Chiropractic is the only holistic wellness destination in Melissa, Texas. Offering chiropractic care, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, IV Therapy, Aesthetics, hormone therapy, weight management, custom orthotic shoe inserts, and supplements. Our experienced service team and natural products are here to help you and your family feel their best. 


(ask our Naturopath for details)

Custom Orthotics

(ask Dr. Jeff for details)



Did you know our office is also home to

Buffalo Joe's Barber Lounge?


Whether you need a haircut, shave, or beard trim, Joey is THE best men's grooming specialist in town.

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